Frequently Asked Questions

It is a service that will help customers to carry out different transactions using their handset.

An individual will be required to go to an Agent to register as a Mpamba Customer but should have an active TNM number

Any person can use the service as long as they register as a customer and over 18 years old.

No. Mpamba has been designed so that people without bank accounts can use it. Your money is held safely in a bank account run by TNM Mobile Money on your behalf. 

No. Your Mpamba wallet can have much or as little money in it as you like. There is no need for a minimum balance.

Yes, you can access Mpamba services using your bank account if you wallet is integrated with you Mpamba account. However, the only services that you can access are pull and push to the bank

No. Your Mpamba wallet is completely separate from your TNM airtime. You cannot buy Mpamba e-value using airtime. However, you can use your Mpamba e-value to buy airtime for your voice account or another customer on the same network. 

At the moment, it is not possible, but it will be possible in the near future

The services available on Mpamba Mobile Money are:-

  • Purchase of Goods
  • Purchase of Airtime
  • Payment of Bills
  • Send Money 
  • Cash-In
  • Cash-Out

Mpamba Mobile Money Service works using a mobile number that is linked to Mpamba system.  To load money in your Mpamba wallet, you need to go to a Mpamba Agent and make a cash-in which results in electronic money being transferred into your Mpamba wallet. This is confirmed by an SMS received by both the Agent and the Customer. You can then conveniently carry out any Mpamba transactions using your e-value.


A registered customer is one who is registered and holds a Mpamba wallet and has a full Mpamba menu and is able to carry out all the services described above and unregistered customer is an individual who is not registered as a Mpamba wallet holder but can receive money from a Mpamba customer in a form of a token.

Yes. A registered customer can top up airtime directly for unregistered customer by selecting “other mobile airtime top up” and you enter the recipient’s number and amount to top up.

A customer is supposed to get a transaction report after every transaction. However, if this does not happen, then a customer needs to verify with TNM call centre if the transaction was successful. However it should be noted that you cannot be able to get a transaction report due to your inbox being full, so you need to delete some messages.

A customer will not be able to carry out any transaction when network is down.  This is because all transactions are dependent on availability of network. 

Yes it is possible to pay bills using Mpamba Mobile Service. These are only for those billers who are integrated with TNM Mpamba services.

A customer is supposed to call TNM Mpamba call centre for assistance once they realize that they have transferred money to a wrong number. TNM will only help a customer to get a customer statement after producing a police report. TNM will only carry out a reversal in cases where the customer carried out a transaction to a number that does not exist or there was a system failure and it has been verified.


Different transactions have different fees. However TNM Mpamba services will charge you on pay-as-you-go basis every time you do a transaction. You are only charged for the transaction you have initiated.

Mpamba Mobile Money Services allow you to make transaction simply and securely in a few seconds by using SMS technology. This has many benefits in terms of convenience, security and ease of use.

Yes, a customer needs to produce an ID to withdraw money from an Agent

Yes, a photocopy of your ID is sufficient to carry out a cash transaction so long as it is verified by the Agent.

No, a customer can carry out transactions anywhere in Malawi without being restricted to where the customer registered.